Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Surface Protection

While epidemiology continues to evolve, standard operating procedures and cleaning methods are simply inadequate to keep up with the on-going threat of continuous recontamination and accidental cross-contamination.  The common need in healthcare facilities, life sciences, commercial venues, and public gathering locations is the need for a new layer of protection. While cleaning is essential, most products last only until the active ingredients dissolve or are wiped away.


Signal Hygiene has tailored The Signal Hygiene System to tackle these complex issues. By combining antimicrobial technology with proven application protocols and methodology, treated surfaces remain continuously disinfected and sanitized for up to 90 days.

Interior Surface Treatment

Technology used by Signal Hygiene has been proven effective against many types of fungi, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. The Signal Hygiene System kills the microorganisms on the surface and continues protecting surfaces for up to 90 days against future contamination, and is not affected or diminished by other cleaning processes during that time. Certified Technicians adhere to strict application protocols and each service includes a window decal and a sanitation certificate signed by the technician which can be displayed for patrons and employees to know the environment is sanitized.

Protocol Standards

Healthcare Environments

Interior facility surfaces are treated immediately following discharge cleaning and room turnover mandated protocols in patient rooms. Common areas and life sciences facilities can be treated during off-hours or scheduled low activity hours. Certified technicians are unmarked and maintain a low profile while working in the facility and are prohibited from speaking with anyone other than the direct facility personnel in charge of their services. Every square foot of the facility as well as mobile assets are treated as part of the service. Following the service, periodic testing of efficacy is conducted with data shared with the client. Retreatment is scheduled every 90 days. Emergency retreatments are available within 6 hours of initial contact.




Commercial Environments and Educational Facilities

Interior facility surfaces are treated during non-operational hours.  Certified Technicians will arrived at a predetermined time and will notify the facility manager with a reopening time as soon as its known. Every square foot of the facility is treated as part of the service. Retreatment is scheduled every 90 days.

HVAC Air Handler Unit Treatment

Clean surfaces start with clean air, and clean air starts in the HVAC System. This is where The Signal Hygiene Application Protocol begins. Air handler units are perfect incubation chambers for microorganisms. If gone untreated, microorganisms can colonize and emit spores into the air and sent directly into the indoor breathing environment. During a scheduled shutdown, filtration racks, motors, coils, baffles, air chambers and ductwork are manually sterilized, disinfected and protected with the same active-antimicrobial protocol as interior surfaces. A single treatment can last as long as 24 months and is monitored every 4 months with third-party data shared with the client.

It’s time to stop merely disinfecting surfaces and expecting different prevention results. It’s time for REAL PREVENTION that can be achieved by combining advanced technology with The Signal Hygiene System protocol.



The Signal Hygiene Promise

Trained & Certified
Vehicles and Crews are Unmarked
Results are 100% Guaranteed Effective