The Signal Hygiene Promise

Trained & Certified
Vehicles and Crews are Unmarked
Results are 100% Guaranteed Effective

Signal Hygiene offers a wide array of services for your home and business through extensive laboratory testing, performance in healthcare environments, commercial properties, and multi-family and single-family homes, by Certified Technician Training and Work.

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What is the Signal Hygiene System?

The Signal Hygiene System has been specially designed to solve complex odor problems in harsh environments. Signal Hygiene utilizes a combination of specialized products and strict protocols that have been fine-tuned by our research & development team, with over 100 years of combined experience in the chemical and odor remediation industries.


Frequently Asked Questions

What odor-causing particles does Signal Hygiene remove?

  • Microorganisms
  • Human Waste & Sweat
  • Pet Odors
  • Inorganic Particles
  • Culinary Residue
  • and More!

Where can you use the Signal Hygiene system?

  • Medical Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Homes
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Automobile & RVs
  • Airplanes
  • Cruise Ships
  • Poultry Houses

What types of surfaces can be treated?

  • Any non-direct food contact surface.

The Signal Hygiene Promise

Trained & Certified
Vehicles and Crews are Unmarked
Results are 100% Guaranteed Effective

What Customers Say About Us:

D Lombardo says: “The service provided was worth the money spent. For over 20 years our HVAC vents had never been cleaned out and the dust and dirt that accumulated was unbelievable. There was no telling how much of that was being thrown back in the air and we were breathing it in. Brady spent the entire day cleaning the entire vents and duct work and filter. The job was done right, and the difference is amazing. The air is cleaner that we breath; for some reason my monthly electric bill is lower; and there is a fresh clean smell when the air or heater unit is running. I highly recommend SignalHygiene. They don’t just come out with a vacuum cleaner. They have the tools and time to do it right.”

B Hill says: “I am a property manager responsible for over 150 units. Our company manages over 2,000. Signal Hygiene is our go-to for inspection and remediation of all things “M” – mildew, musty smells, moisture issues, or mutt (and feline) odors. Brady is extremely easy to work with, responsible, and knows how to discuss things with both us, and the resident! With nothing more than an email he is on the job, scheduling his inspection, getting an estimate back quickly with pictures or videos, and stands behind his work. My job is easier thanks to Signal Hygiene!”

Anonymous says: “I’m a Mechanical Engineer at a hospital. We had some significant issues in a facility and tried many companies and so-called solutions to fix the problem but nothing had any lasting results. Then I tried The Signal Hygiene guys. After a single treatment, the problem was completely gone and hasn’t come back in over two and half years. They’re discrete, usually performing services during third shift, the technicians are unmarked as is their trucks and trailers, and they don’t talk to other staff or patients. These guys truly produce amazing results.”

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